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This is the easiest laundry day you’ve ever had. Find your items below and click the add button. When completed, click proceed. New residents of Miami and Miami Beach save $10 automatically! All customers save 10% on any order over $125!

The Sunny Pickup Guarantee: Be satisfied with the freshness of your clothes, or your order AND your next order will be free!

Wash & Fold

Guess the weight, we will update it once we weigh it ourselves. If you have any special requests, add it to the special instructions.

Item Price
Wash & Fold Laundry (per lb.) $1.59 Add
Wash & Fold Laundry *hypoallergenic detergent $1.59 Add
Wash & Fold Premium (Spaniard soap/ softener) Coming Soon $TBD Add
Comforter: Twin or Full $14.99 Add
Comforter: Queen or King $17.99 Add
Blanket Or Duvet $12.00 Add
Bath Rug $5.00 Add
Pillow $5.00 Add
Mattress Pad $15.00 Add
Robe $5.00 Add

Dry Cleaning

Call or e-mail with any questions!

Item Price
Shirt on Hanger, Washed and Ironed (not dry cleaned) $3.99 Add
Dry Clean Shirt $7.49 Add
Pants $6.99 Add
Sport Coat or Blazer $7.99 Add
Blouse $7.49 Add
Sweater $7.89 Add
Dress $14.99 Add
Coat $22.99 Add
Lingerie $9.75 Add
Shorts $5.20 Add
Sports Jersey $9.95 Add
Vest $6.89 Add
Pillow Case $5.78 Add
Light Jacket $18.90 Add
Rain Coat $24.15 Add
Blanket $26.25 Add
Pillow $17.85 Add
Curtain $40.00 Add
Bathing Suit $9.99 Add
Gown $24.98 Add
Tuxedo $26.25 Add
Tuxedo Shirt $8.00 Add
Lab Coat $15.75 Add
Napkin $3.68 Add
Sweat Pant or Shirt $11.55 Add
Sofa Cover $78.75 Add
Slip Cover $52.50 Add
Scarf $4.95 Add

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