We Know You Have Better Things To Do Than Worry About Your Laundry

About Us

Sunny Pickup exists to provide our fellow South Floridians a service to make your life just a bit easier because unlike you, we love your dirty laundry.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, women spent an average of 5,840 minutes per year washing, folding, or ironing clothes. Men spend an average of 1,825 minutes yearly. We want to give you those minutes back.

Why Us?

We Care About You: Our service exists to provide the ultimate convenience for our customers. Place your order in seconds using our website or mobile app. We are professional grade.

We Also Care About the Environment: We are the only laundry company who uses solar/ electric powered vehicles. Solar-powered vehicles have zero emission level, as they don’t utilize non-renewable resources and burn fuel. The electric motors generate electricity that doesn't emit any greenhouse gases or any other pollutants. We also use a computerized program to determine the optimal amount of eco friendly detergent and softener to be used in our laundry loads. We know how important it is to reduce our carbon footprint in Miami Beach.

We Love Your Dirty Laundry: Get those 5,840 minutes a year of life your back, and spend them doing something you love. Whether it is more time at the beach, at the gym, or with your family, leave your laundry to us because unlike you, we love your dirty laundry.